Production sites

Our group operates four different sites

In France
The Breton port of Douarnenez owes its prosperity to sardines. For decades, thanks to its favourable climate, the little town's immense bay has been an inexhaustible breeding ground for this species. Although not the first town to have canning factories, Douarnenez's first cannery was established in 1853 and, by the beginning of the 20th century, they were about forty. Douarnenez became known as the "European capital of canned fish". 

Our present factory was founded in 1963 by Yves and Jean Paulet (both sons of Paul-Edouard Paulet, creator of the French “Petit Navire” brand). It has since expanded its range of activities to manufacture tuna, salmon mackerel and sardine products.

In Portugal
ESIP plant in Peniche (Portugal) is the MWBrands processing centre for all mackerel and sardines brands. It is mostly dedicated to servicing the European market. In line with company strategy, ESIP is located on the Atlantic coast and utilizes mostly Portuguese Sardines and Atlantic mackerel, both considered to be in the highest quality segment for these species.
The company operating and quality standards, together with an experienced management and labour force ensure the high quality of the fish that is canned and sold to our customers without compromising the competitiveness of ESIP.
In Ghana
Pioneer Food Cannery, Ltd, was established in 1972 and underwent a major expansion in 1993 under H.J. Heinz in order to produce tuna loins as well as canned tuna. The main reason PFC is located in Ghana is the favourable tropical conditions of that part of the Atlantic Ocean (FAO declared fishing Zone 34). This makes the Gulf of Guinea one of the best feeding and breeding grounds for tuna species.
As the Ghanaians are known as ‘The Fishermen of West Africa’, it was the ideal place to set up a cannery of this magnitude, making use of the naturally existing and sustainable resources. More so, the stable political and economic environment has shown that the engagement of PFC in this industry has been a worthwhile endeavour.
In Seychelles
Our presence in the Seychelles is motivated by a policy of vertical integration “from the ocean to the plate” ensuring direct supply of our factory without transhipping of raw materials. These raw materials are provided by a modern and well equiped fleet (under French, Spanish and Seychellois flags) which is regulated by the competent European authorities.
The premium quality of the fish justifies a top of the range product positionning for all our brands along with a guarantee of respect for the environment through sustainable fishing in an ocean protected and monitored by highly prestigious bodies (SFA, IOTC).